Feel The Taste In Every Sip!


The popularity of cocktails dating back to early 1800’s, is still continues its popularity in every segment and everywhere. During the hot days of summer, cocktails became the most preffered drink out of everything while having a day or night activity. Cocktails are ranked as the first among summer rescue beverages; it serves in thousands of different varieties and fares with its intense or low alcohol for sweet or sour lovers, which is suitable for a variety of palate tastes. Another popular part about cocktails in recent years is the cocktail workshops. This training, given in the presence of famous miocologists, was the blood of choice for those who want to produce cocktails in daily life and present them around. One of the main reason for people to preffer these workshops is that it gives them the freedom to prepare and present their own palates or cocktails in every taste. After these workshops participants starts to be able to prepare and present different stages of cocktail making with all the tricks they have learned from the specialists.

Feel The Taste In Every Sip

Don’t forget to take your place at Küçükçiftlik Park on Saturday September 1st to experience the delicious cocktails, various cocktail workshops and unlimited fun!

Tickets are now available! http://bit.ly/icf_18