A New Culture of Istanbul: Rooftop


One of the major factors that affect human psychology in a negative direction in urban life is that buildings in the periphery are very similar to each other, or in other words, they are monolithic. Getting out of this monotonous order is now completely in your hands! 

Rooftop Festival

After New York, Istanbul started to addapt the rooftop culture in order to get away from the coas and the skyscrapers. The new trend of the city, the “rooftop culture” has become the new breath and the new form of entertainment for those who live in cities. Especially when you’re on top of a high building and looking at Istanbul’s extraordinary panorama during the day and night, it makes even more prieceless. All those rooftop bars are experiencing and introducing the sense of refreshment and new type of entertainment for those who does not want to spend their time outdoors during the hot days of summer. 

The 3rd Istanbul Rooftop Festival, is getting ready for you to experience the entertainment you are looking for in its unique landscapes of varios regions of Istanbul. Not only with Istanbul’s unique scenery but we are bringing the delicious cocktails, the authentic music and various of activities all together to enchant you. Come and join us on Saturday September 8th at the Istanbul Rooftop Festival in order to enjoy Istanbul’s presence from another point of view. 

Tickets are available at http://bit.ly/irf_18