Where Did These Cocktails Came From?


Although the answer of where cocktails came from is not certain, it is known that the word “coquetier” comes from French meaning egg shell. Yet today it is known as the mixture of two ingredients making the drink called cocktail. But how did it come from and how did it come into being today as a culture ? Before Christ, mankind was making a mixture of them using the surrounding materials to suit their own tastes. However, with the knowledge and experience that has developed over the years, these recipe have reached different dimensions. In the 1400's years, the delicacies of the distillation were learned and the world of distilleries began to shape. These drinks, which were simple at first, gradually began to be decorated with materials and blends, and these rich gates of the cocktail world started to open. In the middle of the 1800s, cocktails began to live the golden age. With the widespread use of ice, cocktails began to live the most popular period; the cocktail martini was found in the end of this period and those years were called martini ages. After these years, the cocktail culture was re-born with different cocktails and tastes every year. With the classical, cult, rich tastes created by the new techniques formes a mass culture and has become indispensable. Cocktails have become a big part of our daily life with today's developing possibilities, creative mixology and the passion of those who love cocktails.

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